Changing It Up

Since I'm travelling this week, I am using this time to paint. However, I couldn't resist sharing some more journals that I received. Thank you all for sharing your journals!  I like these a lot. I made one with your template, and made two more a bit smaller. These...

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Husband for Sale

Well, where do I begin? If you recall, at last correspondence I was leaving for a painting cruise (sponsored by the Decorative Artists of Jacksonville, FL). I was really looking forward to it, but worried about the mystery swim trunks my husband bought at the last...

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Packing Einstein’s Swim Suit

Packing for an overseas painting adventure is a skill in itself. What to take and, more importantly, what to leave home is more significant than you might think. You want to take everything you need, but not one extra item. Here, Carole Bruno demonstrates one of the...

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Skill Building 101

Your Next SKILL for Painting in Europe. Pay close attention...... [vsw id="EHTADX5nxT8" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] You would not believe how many times I could've used that one! Hmm....only problem being is my shoe size. Look at this -...

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Double Stuffed

The number one most difficult thing for everyone to pack is...CLOTHING! I am not kidding about this. It seems to be everyone's weak point, mine included! Traveling in Europe is not like it is here in the US where there seems to always be a valet to help with your...

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