Each Packet includes a pattern, complete instructions, a 4 X 6 photo and several extra drawings
to assist you with placement of color and wax.
Ginwashi rice paper used for the packets is a separate purchase. It is not included in the packets.
Be sure you pick up what you need while shopping for your packet.
Level of skill listed in each product page: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced




All paintings and instructional packets on this site are copyrighted and the copyright will be enforced.

A packet can not be taught or reproduced in ANY manner, or portion thereof, without written consent. Simply stated, this means that changing a color does not constitute a new design and is a copyright violation. Also, flipping or reversing a design, or using any piece of the design is also a copyright violation. In addition, using any instructional wording or only portions of it, constitute a copyright violation.

Anyone can obtain permission to teach my packets and a discount on the teaching materials, with the stipulation that all packets for classes be ordered from us. Please see the “Teaching Program” information link on this site, which includes free packets and other perks for registered teachers.


Although packets/instructions/designs can not be taught or reproduced, I do allow any design you paint in my workshops or from packets, to be sold within reason.

This means several things:

1. My designs may be sold, provided the show/gallery/competition does not have a rule against it. Common sense is involved here, and reading of the rules.

2. If my design is entered into a show/gallery/competition, the artist must indicate somewhere on the painting “Painted from an original design by Kathie George”. This statement allows you to sell in any venue.

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