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February 21-23 – Fredricksburg, TX
Project: Watercolor Batik and scarves!
Contact: Jane Drynan Janerondrynan@gmail.com
or call 319-699-4428
Click Here for the flyer.

March 1-3 – The Villages, FL
Project: 3 days of Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper
Contact: Bev Hennessy BBAUG97@aol.com

March 6-8 – Ocala, FL
Project: Designing Your Own Batiks
Contact: Sue Primeau sue_primeau@yahoo.com
or call 352-867-7637

March 17-18 – Arlington, TX
Project: Day one – Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper
Day two – Texture Gels and mixed media project.
Contact: Diane Pfau dipaints@hotmail.com or call 817-477-3415

March 20-21 – Hot Springs, AR
Contact: Pat Freeman jpfreeman1962@att.net

April 7-8 – Richmond, VA
Contact: Barbara George bgeorgeb1@gmail.com

April 20–May 1 – AFRICA
We are taking a journey workshop to South Africa. We are filled, but you can get on a wait list. Click here for more information on the Africa trip!
Contact: Kathie George kgeorgestudio@gmail.com studiowinetusc

May 12–14 – Charleston, SC
Contact: Brenda Sawyer stillpainting@sc.rr.com

June 6–16 – IRELAND – TRIP ONE
June 20–30 – IRELAND – TRIP TWO
We are going to bonnie Ireland! Both trips currently have one spot remaining. Click here for more information on the Ireland trips!
Contact: Kathie George kgeorgestudio@gmail.com

August 14-19 – Heart of Ohio Convention

Wonderful Le Vieux is closing their doors and I am so looking forward to this last time there. It will be special. This trip is currently filled, but you can get on a wait list. Click here for more information on the Le Vieux Couvent, France trip!
Contact: Kathie George kgeorgestudio@gmail.com

Art and Soul, Virginia Beach
Convention Link Will Be Provided Here as Soon as It Is Available.

October 20-22 – Florida Gold Coast
Contact: Carol Musto skomust@msn.com

November 3-5 – New Orleans, LA
Contact: Sylvia Arb arbj3@yahoo.com

November 8-12 – Raleigh, NC
Art of The Carolinas.

November 13-15 – Artful Endeavors in Raleigh, NC
Contact: Liz Miller artfulendeavors@raleigh.twcbc.com or call 919-847-4101

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February 9-10 – Tucson, AZ
Contact: JoAnn Clark JoAnn.Clark1@comcast.net

March 16-17 – Houston, TX
Contact: Carol Roder antydarlin@gmail.com or call 903-681-4766

April 5-7 – Illinois
Contact: Nina Stachewitz paintwithnina@yahoo.com

April 13-15 – Greencastle, PA
Contact: Susan Shaffer Red4sue@gmail.com

April – Audubon, Henderson, KY

May 1–12 Venice and Lake Como
Join us for this wonderful trip! More information to come. Link to brochure will be here when it is ready.

MAY 13-26.  SPAIN!
We will be on the warm, sunny southern coast of Spain, near Malaga. Enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Denis and Sally, our hosts. More information to come soon.

September 1–15 – GREECE! HYDRA and CRETE
Hydra is one of my favorite places and we are returning. In addition, we’ll be visiting Crete for a very exciting trip! More information to come.fields

October 15-17- South Dakota
Day One – Creative Composition
Day Two – TBA
Contact: Jennifer Stone jstone@wat.midco.net

November 15-18 – Raleigh, NC
Art of The Carolinas

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