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February 21-23 – Fredricksburg, TX
Project: Watercolor Batik and scarves!
Contact: Jane Drynan Janerondrynan@gmail.com
or call 319-699-4428
Click Here for the flyer.

March 1-3 – The Villages, FL
Project: 3 days of Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper
Contact: Bev Hennessy BBAUG97@aol.com

March 6-8 – Ocala, FL
Project: Designing Your Own Batiks
Contact: Sue Primeau sue_primeau@yahoo.com
or call 352-867-7637

March 17-18 – Arlington, TX
Project: Day one – Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper
Day two – Texture Gels and mixed media project.
Contact: Diane Pfau dipaints@hotmail.com or call 817-477-3415

March 20-21 – Hot Springs, AR
Contact: Pat Freeman jpfreeman1962@att.net

April 7-8 – Richmond, VA
Contact: Barbara George bgeorgeb1@gmail.com

April 20–May 1 – AFRICA
We are taking a journey workshop to South Africa. We are filled, but you can get on a wait list. Click here for more information on the Africa trip!
Contact: Kathie George kgeorgestudio@gmail.com studiowinetusc

May 12–14 – Charleston, SC
Contact: Brenda Sawyer stillpainting@sc.rr.com

June 6–16 – IRELAND – TRIP ONE
June 20–30 – IRELAND – TRIP TWO
We are going to bonnie Ireland! Both trips currently have one spot remaining. Click here for more information on the Ireland trips!
Contact: Kathie George kgeorgestudio@gmail.com

August 14-19 – Heart of Ohio Convention

Wonderful Le Vieux is closing their doors and I am so looking forward to this last time there. It will be special. This trip is currently filled, but you can get on a wait list. Click here for more information on the Le Vieux Couvent, France trip!
Contact: Kathie George kgeorgestudio@gmail.com

October 2-4 -Art and Soul Media Retreat, Virginia Beach, VA
Convention Link: http://www.artandsoulretreat.com/retreat-va17-workshops.php

October 20-22 – Florida Gold Coast
Contact: Carol Musto skomust@msn.com

November 3-5 – New Orleans, LA
Contact: Sylvia Arb arbj3@yahoo.com

November 8-12 – Raleigh, NC
Art of The Carolinas.

November 13-15 – Artful Endeavors in Raleigh, NC
Contact: Liz Miller artfulendeavors@raleigh.twcbc.com or call 919-847-4101

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You may notice some workshops have been rescheduled.  I am taking some time off in 2018 and am booking for 2019. Thank you.

February 9-10 – Tucson, AZ
Contact: JoAnn Clark JoAnn.Clark1@comcast.net

March 12-14 – Encaustic for Beginners Workshop – Ocala, FL
Contact: Sue Primeau sue_primeau@yahoo.com or call 352-867-7637

March 16-17 – Houston, TX
Contact: Carol Roder antydarlin@gmail.com or call 903-681-4766

March 20-22 – Fredricksburg, TX
Contact: Jane Drynan Janerondrynan@gmail.com or call 319-699-4428

April 17-19th- Audubon, Henderson, KY
Contact: Kim McGrew-Liggett Kim.McGrew@ky.gov

May 1–12 Venice and Lake Como
Join us for this wonderful trip! More information to come. Link to brochure will be here when it is ready.

MAY 13-26.  SPAIN!
We will be on the warm, sunny southern coast of Spain, near Malaga. Enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Denis and Sally, our hosts. More information to come soon. CLICK HERE for more information.

September 1–15 – GREECE! HYDRA and CRETE
Hydra is one of my favorite places and we are returning. In addition, we’ll be visiting Crete for a very exciting trip! CLICK HERE for more information.fields

October 15-17- South Dakota
Day One – Creative Composition
Day Two – TBA
Contact: Jennifer Stone jstone@wat.midco.net

November 15-18 – Raleigh, NC
Art of The Carolinas

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