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You have accomplished a LOT in the past month. In a mere 30 days you have gone from Mr. Evil Munch to self-assured artists. This is not easy.

A whopping 392 of you signed up for the Challenge.

To those of you who hung in there every single day, congratulations! You are amazing! You have learned that drawing is FUN and how much one little drawing a day can add to your life, your self-esteem, your view of yourself as an artist. → Read more

Today is our last official day of lessons! Wow!

So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. This is for all of you who have been so great to me with all of your kind comments and words of encouragement. → Read more

Yesterday, I suggested in the lesson that “identifying the underlying geometric shape” of what you are drawing can be a help. Especially when the subject is involved or difficult, breaking it down into several smaller recognizable shapes seems easier.

In the same way, sometimes imagining a box around a subject can help, too. For example, I’ve always had a problem with boats. I never even saw a fishing boat until after I was married! → Read more

WHAAAA? Another type of drawing? Can it be true?

Well, yes. But you’re gonna like it.

Now that I’m sure you’re on the right track with SEEING what you’re drawing, and being DECISIVE with your lines, it’s time to introduce you to GESTURE DRAWING. → Read more

GOOD MORNING one and all.

I opened my email this morning to find a friend had sent today’s words from ‘The Daily Motivator” by Ralph Marston. I used to be signed up to receive these myself, but let it drop off. → Read more

So, okay, I have to admit that I’ve really been tempted to follow the natural (so to speak) progression of lessons. This would be life drawing – bodies. I personally don’t relish doing a naked self portrait in any way, shape or form.

If you have any doubts about this, feel free to read about my first experience on the December 10th Tips on Tuesday’s blog post at: → Read more

Keep the attitude that each line is fine….just like that, and that, and that. Let your lines be!

Don’t try to improve your lines by going over them. This will make your lines muddles or indistinct, your lines are good just the way you made them the first time.”

~Robert Dvorak

DID I LOSE YOU during last week’s sighting and angles? Perfectly understandable! Not everyone will have been ready to take that on. I hope that, if you didn’t do those assignments you kept drawing…something, anything. I hope that you will come back now and keep on, keepin’ on. If you didn’t do those assignments, don’t yell at yourself! Be gentle. Maybe start again with a contour drawing to get back into it. → Read more

This shading stuff is FUN! I’ve been to Bali twice and I love all of my Balinese stuff. This guy is part of that stash. → Read more

Phew! There was a lot to learn about drawing from life and sighting angles and measurements. Who knew? My own philosophy, or what I do when I’m in the field is, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

KEEPING IT SIMPLE MEANS I don’t worry about perspective for the most part. Sure, I look to see if my windows are all lined up and things like that. Basically, though, I throw most of the ‘rules’ out and just DRAW WHAT I SEE. I know that if I draw what is there as I SEE it (not as you think it should be, by the way. Just a reminder), it’s gonna be right. → Read more

I know this week’s lessons have been tough. Have you been able to hang in? Even if you don’t draw the assignment, just drawing something – ANYTHING, is acceptable. That is our purpose. To draw for 30 days. I also wanted to teach you something along the way, but the MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT YOU DRAW! → Read more