It seems like a dream now, but it wasn’t. We did walk with lions. Right beside them. It is a day I will never forget. Here are a few photos from our experience, and the journal pages it inspired. → Read more

COME ENTER THE GATES WITH ME and join our adventure.  I have been without WiFi and unable to post, so in the next few days I will be sending the posts that I have written for you.

And now…let’s go ‘glamping’! → Read more

South Africa is about so much more than the animals. We’ve been on pristine white beaches, visited magnificent vineyards and drank wine that rivals Italy, but I must admit that I am so excited to be on our way to the Game Park! → Read more

And it is the land of BIG SKIES! Kathie is on her way to the Game Park but was able to catch just enough of a connection to send in her first journal pages. Internet connection is precious and it comes and goes like the breeze on the plains at the Game Park. Eventually she will pick up the connection again. But she also wanted to share a tip on landscapes. → Read more

Why, oh why? Out! Kitty…you will not want to play with the cats I’m going to see in South Africa. In yesterday’s post I showed you how I made the cover for my travel journal. Today, the finishing details and how to use it. → Read more

By the time you are reading this post we will be on our way to South Africa for the first of our Journey Workshops this year. When you return home after a painting adventure, a travel journal can be one of your best memories. Come along in the coming days as I put mine together. Sit back and relax while we explore South Africa… → Read more

This is a guest post from a student who dived into something new…Batik! She was kind enough to write about her experience with the process…

In 2012 I was taking a printmaking class and the instructor wanted us to try something under the general topic of batik. At the time all I could think of was fabric and I didn’t want to buy another whole set of supplies so I went searching online and found a wonderful tutorial by Kathie. I followed it once and was hooked! → Read more

Art and Life imitate each other in countless ways. I am amazed by that fact, over and over again. For example… → Read more

Need some inspiration and motivation to get you going this year? Online classes are springing up everywhere. Here are my top picks for watermedia courses in 2017. → Read more

Here is my Christmas gift to you. From our house to yours, Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy. → Read more